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Welcome to my Yu-Gi-Oh fanon wiki. This wiki is to help to built a project about a crossover fan fiction between Yu-Gi-Oh and Fate Stay/Night. Many original characters will appeared but characters from both franchises will be there as well. Some characater from unrelated animes will also appears with similar or modified background and names. I know this is sound weird but this is a fan fiction so, yeah it should be weird :) I want to do this by myself but I need advise, critics, and warn me if there is grammar errors. So, feel free to give me some but if you want to edit my pages, warn me first. So, enjoy.

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Like I said above, this Wiki is about my Yu-gi-oh fan fiction crossed with Fate/Stay Night. I want to create a new protagonist because this will be a whole new season, like a spin-off. The story will be set after the event of Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's and before Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V. If this is a real Yu-Gi-Oh series, it will be the first time to have a female protagonist. The sets will be a modified version of Fuyuki City from Fate/Stay Night. At the Fifth Holy Grail War, seven person is chosen to do a secret Duel Monster tournament. The winner will be granted Holy Grail, an ancient relic that can grant any wish. Each participant will be granted a Heroic Spirit card that can be summoned through rituals. The story will have a lot of elements from Fate/Stay Night but I will modified some of it. Another thing that I wan to point out is, don't be surprise if there are some elements from other unrelated anime in this fanfic. I am inspired by what Monty Oum did with Dead Fantasy. He made a crossover between Dead or Alive and Final Fantasy but it has a lot of element that is come from many different game, movie, and anime.

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